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Soundworks Collection - Mix Magazine fourth annual Sound for Film and TV event - Podcasts

Soundworks Collection is one of my favourite podcasts (and film sound resources) and they've just recently posted recordngs of several of the panel talks from this year's Mix Magazine fourth annual Sound for Film and TV event. For any of my fellow sound post nerds, I can't recommend all of them enough. I'm going to give a special mention to this one:

The panel includes Douglas Murray, who I was lucky enough to share the stage with at this year's HearSay Festival, alongside with key members of the sound post crew on War For The Planet Of The Apes. It's a great listen.


In his final 'Buried Treasure' article for the Irish Times, Donal Dineen took the time and space to write about one of my favourite albums of the last few years. It's called 'Interior Ministry' and is by Irish band, Rollers/Sparkers. You can read it here. You can listen to and buy the album here. If you don't know the band, they have three other albums that are really worth your time and ear space... 


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HearSay 2017

Well that was some weekend! The third HearSay took place last week (29th Sept-1st Oct). As the festival organisers put it themselves, this year's event was made up of "90 incredible events in 19 venues around one village in a joyful gathering of audio adventurers from 28 countries."

I can't tell you how lucky I feel to have been part of the three years of this festival. It's a very hard thing to describe, as it is not quite like anything else I've experienced in my years working in sound and attending talks and conferences. Its unique setting in a lesser-known, rural Irish mountain village and its laid back local charm make for a very special experience as a contributor and as an attendee. It's the kind of weekend where you might meet a total stranger as you queue at the deli counter in Centra or on the street traveling to and from one of the festival's venues, and you have a brilliant conversation about what you seen or heard, or what you are on your way to see and hear, and you make a friend who's podcast or other work you have been/will be a fan of for years!

This year, as with the previous 3 events, the festival was a great mixture of sound work, performances, workshops and talks with sound professionals from all over the world. I had the pleasure of doing two scheduled talks with Douglas Murray, who had traveled from Los Angeles. Our venue was the convent church, which is exactly what it sounds like! Thank you to everyone that attended, listened, asked questions and made it a really rewarding experience for Doug and I. We also got to do a more under the radar talk at a venue called 'Diarmuid's House', which took place in the living room of the home of a local family; there was homemade bread, tea, coffee and all sorts of other tasty delights that everyone in attendance could enjoy. It really was quite the treat; huge thanks to Diarmuid O'Leary and his family for hosting us and to everyone that came along and chatted with us about our work!

As much as I enjoyed being part of the festival, one of the real pleasures of it is getting to chat to people in and around the village, getting to meet fellow soundies and getting to hear them talk about and play their work. There were too many highlights to list here, as you can see from the festival programme. A huge thank you to everyone I met and got to engage with; it was very inspiring on a creative level, but also so uplifting on a human level.

A huge, heartfelt thank you to Diarmuid McIntyre and the entire HearSay crew for such a special weekend!

Roll on 2019's festival, which has been announced for 4th-7th April; save the dates!

You can visit the festival website, here and @hearsayfestival on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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Over the last few days I've been doing some work for my HearSay 2017 presentation with Douglas Murray. I am really excited to be attending and presenting at the festival again this year, and to get to share the slot with Doug, who has been an incredible mentor, inspiration and friend to me over the last few years, is a real treat. We are going to take a look at the use of Subjective Sound in Cinema and our preparation and discussion around it has led me to think about, research and re-visit a number of things.

I thought it might be worth my putting some of these resources into a post here in case they might be of interest to anyone.

Designing for Sound by Randy Thom - I can never read this article enough. It's a great one not just sound folk, but also for writers, producers, directors and anyone with an interest in film craft. There is also a great podcast interview with Randy on SoundWorks Collection, here, that expands on this idea further. His ability to talk about the work is quite unique and elegant.

Here are the three episodes of the BBC series 'Dancing Shadows', which is dedicated to Sound Design in cinema. There are interviews with, and insights from, some amazing sound designers about their work and the craft in general. (via SoundWorks Collection)

As we discussed the idea of the subjective use of sound, we began to talk about what makes it's application possible in any film. Editing plays a huge role for us here. What follows are a few links to expand on this:

The Conversations: Walter Murch and the Art of Editing Film, by Michael Ondaatje - I think this is a book worth owning, reading and re-reading by everyone interested in filmmaking!

Here's a really interesting video that puts forward a theory on why our brains accept film edits:

And here's another nice video essay; this one looks at V.I. Pudovkin's 5 Editing Techniques:

Here's Walter Murch talking about one of the most iconic Subjective Sound sequences of all time, from The Godfather:

Here's a great example of Subjective Sound use from 'The Right Stuff'

Listen to the cicadia sound they've added to the press and camera shutter sounds!

This scene from 'Killing Them Softly' is a personal favourite example of great Subjective Sound use. I think Leslie Shatz (Sound Designer and Re-recording Mixer) is a real master of this:

As we get closer to completing our work on the presentation, I will post more of our inspiration and study aids!

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I wanted to post a collection of sound related articles, clips and podcasts that I have gotten a lot out of over the last few months, in case they might be of interest to anyone else:

The sound of Darren Aronofsky's 'mother!': Indiewire

David Lynch on the sound of 'Twin Peaks': New York Times

Here's a brilliant article for Filmmakers demystifying the sound post process:

Insightful and in-depth read on the post process for War For The Planet Of The Apes: Cinemontage

Here's a great video with the sound post crew of ARRIVAL: Youtube
And here's a print interview, too: Deadline

Here's a collection of interviews with the teams behind all of the sound catagory winners at this year's EMMYS: asoundeffect

Great insight into the work behind the sound of Fargo: postperspective

Here's some sound related podcasts I've been getting a lot out of these last few months

Great interviews with Sound Designers, Sound Re-recording Mixers and Composers:

Soundworks Collection



General sound and music discussion:

Song Exploder


Sound Opinions




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The Farthest

Last year I had the privilege of working on this utterly beautiful, life affirming feature documentary:

Written and Directed by Emer Reynolds and produced by Crossing The Line, it first screened as a special presentation at this years ADIFF, where it took home the Audience Award, the award for Best Irish Documentary, and the George Byrne Maverick Award for director Emer Reynolds. It had it's world premiere at this year's Tribeca Film Festival. It has since traveled to festivals all over the world, picking up amazing reviews and audiences reactions where ever it goes. It has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes! It's had a cinema release in Ireland (via Wildcard Distribution), where it has become the highest grossing feature documentary of the year at the the box office, and has since been released theatrically in the US and the UK to further acclaim. This week it has expanded it's screens in the UK:


In late August it aired on PBS in the US and last week it had it's Irish television premiere on RTE. The audience reaction has been amazing. This article shows viewers responses to the Irish airing. If you are in Ireland you can now watch the full length feature version of the film on the RTE Player. The film is continuing with it's international festival run, too.

To stay in touch with news about The Farthest you can like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

The Farthest IMDb.

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I've let this blog go far too long without posting anything, so am making a resolution to begin posting regularly again.

In the past week two wonderful films I was lucky enough to work on have premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival:


Directed by Rebecca Daly (Mammel, The Other Side Of Sleep) and produced by John Keville and Conor Barry (SP Films):

Here's the official festival page for the film.

Grace Jones: Bloodlight And Bami

Directed by Sophie Fiennes (The Perverts Guide To Ideology, Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow) and produced by Katie Holly (Blinder Films)

Here's the official festival page for the film.


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I was delighted to hear that Gerard Barrett's new Feature Film, GLASSLAND, will have it's international premiere at this year's Galway Film Fleadh. The film will screen on Friday 11th July at 8pm in the Town Hall Theatre. We completed full sound post on the film in Screenscene a few week's ago and are very excited for people to see (and hear) it! If you haven't seen Gerard's debut feature, Pilgrim Hill, seek it out.

What is Silence?

Designing Sound is currently looking at 'Silence' as it's topic of discussion this month; Is 'Silence the Sound of Listening'? Lovely piece of writing...

The sound of 'How to Train Your Dragon 2'

Soundworks Collection has an inspiring profile on the sound of 'How To Train Your Dragon 2'.

Immersive Sound

The Editors Guild has an indepth article about the use of immersive sound in this summer's big blockbuster films. (via @HDSurround)

Clint Mansell

Here's a great video of a Clint Mansell masterclass from the BFI. (via @lydrummet)

YouTube's new music service

There's been some interesting discussion about YouTube's new music service over the last few weeks. Here's an article from Motherboard that gives some of the background. Here's another from The Guardian. Impala has filed a complaint with the European Commission over the proposed contract YouTube is offering independent labels. You can read the entire leaked contract over on Digital Music News. Here's a good take on the whole thing from the New York Times.

Festival Pay

With summer music festival season in full swing, there's a good piece written by Aoife Barry on The Journal about the various ways performers are paid/not paid for their participation at these events.

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Missing green

Anne Maree Barry's beautiful short, Missing Green, returns to its filming location at The Coombe with several screenings and a series of events at Pallas Projects/Studios, in association with Common Ground.  Here's the information. We completed full sound post on the film at Ardmore Sound last year.

House Of Cards

Song Exploder has an interesting piece with composer Jeff Beal on creating the title music for House Of Cards:

Randy Thom

NPR has a nice interview with Sound Designer, Randy Thom, about creating the sound for How to Train Your Dragon 2. I love how he always emphasizes the importance of Sound Design being part of the pre-production and early phase of a film's development!


Here's a cool documentary about the creation of Auro-3D; looking forward to seeing/hearing a film in this new format.

The Art of Comedy Editing

Great Read on the Art of Comedy Editing (via@areamandublin)

Björk and Jonny Greenwood in the Guardian

The Guardian has two great recent music-related articles; an indepth interview with Björk - and an piece written by Jonny Greenwood.

Mike Patton

Staying with music, here's an indepth interview with Mike Patton from The Believer

Donnacha Costello

Irish electronic music producer Donnacha Costello has an indiegogo campaign to fund a new and really interesting sounding project, Love From Dust. Looking forward to hearing it!

Stephen O'Malley

Sunn O)))'s Stephen O'Malley has done an amazing three hour mix for Fact Mix

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Ghost Train

Lee Cronin's beautiful, terrifying horror short, Ghost Train, continues it's festival run making it's North American debut at the prestigious Palm Springs Shortfest in California. We had an absolute blast working on full sound post for the film at Ardmore Sound this time last year.

Bryan Jerden

Really insightful interview with Film Trailer Sound Designer, Bryan Jerden (via @asoundeffect)

Europeana Sounds

This site looks very promising for soundies as it aims to publish over a million recordings from the British Library and beyond by 2017. (via @lacosapreziosa  )

Noise Action Week

There's an interesting blog post over on Noise Action Week's website by David Hendy on noise pollution and the need for good noise regulation.

We need to talk about Timecode

Great post by composer Dave Chick on the importance of Timecode in the post production process.


Here are two great articles I came across this week thanks to twitter:

Oscar Winner William Monahan on How to Write Unforgettable Dialogue (via @lydrummet  )

Sinead Gleeson has a brilliant piece in the Irish Times Character Building (via @sineadgleeson)

Sound Tourism

Here's a nice article inspired by Trevor Cox's Sound Tourism website. I like the idea traveling somewhere to hear a place, rather than just to see it!

Werner Hedgehog

This may be my favourite piece of internet, I give you Werner Hedgehog

 Birds on the Wires

This is quite lovely:

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Missing green

Following on from screening at the Cork Film Festival, Paris at Gaité Lyrique and Palais de Tokyo, Anne Maree Barry’s Missing Green will be shown at Haus der Kulteren der Welt, Berlin as part of Les Rencontres Internationales, which takes place in Berlin from June 3rd to 8th. The programme focuses on contemporary moving image practices. Missing Green (2013) is a poetic journey through Cork Street, Dublin. Narrated via interviews with Councillor John Gallagher, architect Gerry Cahill, author and journalist Frank McDonald and sociologist Aileen O’Gorman, the viewer discovers an area in Dublin that has gradually but dramatically transformed in the last 80 years. (

We had the pleasure of working on the sound edit, sound design and final mix of the film at Ardmore Sound last year. Here's an excerpt:

The Pervert's Guide to Ideology

I was delighted to read that Sophie Fiennes' The Pervert's Guide To Ideology (produced by Blinder Films) is screening as part of Encounters South African International Documentary Festival this June. We worked on the full sound post production for the film at Screenscene and Ardmore Sound. Here's the Trailer:


If you are looking for a film to see in the cinema in Ireland or the UK this week, you really should go see Frank. Don't take my word for it, though, I am clearly biased... Here's Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo's review:

Here's the beautiful 'I Love You All' (performed by Michael Fassbender, Carla Azar and Stephen Rennicks), from the film:

Dublin Editors

I just want to say a huge thank you to Dublin Editors (Derek, John, Eoin) and everyone that attended our 'In Conversation With...' event last week. It was a real pleasure to talk about the work we did on 'What Richard Did' and 'Frank' with my colleagues Nathan Nugent and Niall Brady. If you are at all interested in fimmaking, keep an eye on Dublin Editors Facebook group for their upcoming events.

David Hendy

I recently read David Hendy's 'Noise: a Human History', which I can't recommend enough to anyone with an interest in sound. From the book, I discovered his twitter account, which is well worth a follow for the sound inclined. Here are two really interesting articles he's posted recently:

The New York Review of Books - Under The Skin Review

On silence as property, commodity and instrument of opression

Alan Splet

Here's a lovely editorial piece about the career and influence of the work of one of my all time sound favourites, Alan Splet from the Paris Review. There's also a nice youtube clip of David Lynch discussing their work together.

The Sound of Godzilla

Soundworks Collection has a really nice interview with sound designers of Godzilla on creating the creature language in the film. They also shared a video about re-creating that iconic roar. The original roar created for the 1954 film had an interesting origin, too!

Matthew Herbert

If you're looking for something interesting to listen to, here's Matthew Herbert raiding the British Library's Sound Archive for a session for The Boiler Room.

Bullet Time Pictures of NYC

If you're looking for something to look at here is a beautiful video of some bullet time photos of New York.  


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Dublin Editors - In Conversation With

My colleague (and award-winning editor) Nathan Nugent (What Richard Did, Frank, Kelly + Victor, ROG) and I have been invited to take part in an event presented by Dublin Editors next Wednesday May 14th in Brooks' Private Cinema in Dublin. We are going to discuss some of our work on What Richard Did (which I was re-recording mixer on; Niall Brady was sound designer) and Frank (with I was sound designer and re-recording mixer on, with Niall Brady as supervising sound editor and Ken Galvin as re-recording mixer), as well as a few other bits and pieces, if time permits. Here's the Facebook event for it.


Frank hits Irish and UK cinemas this weekend. I can't tell you how lucky I feel to have gotten to work on this film with my colleagues at Screenscene and Ardmore Sound; it's a real gem. You must go see it! Here's a few new clips that have surfaced over the last few days to whet your appetite:

Kelly + Victor

Screen Daily has a really nice article about 'Kelly + Victor' Producer Janine Marmot, who we're looking forward to working with again on her new feature 'Brand New-U'.

Steve Albini

There's a nice follow up to Steve Albini's excellent 'The problem with music' essay from 20 years ago here.


Have just recently started watching the boxset for the final season of Treme, so thought I'd post these excellent articles about the sound process on the show: Mix Online,

Isolated Bass Parts

Here's a nice collection of isolated bass guitar parts from some amazing songs. It's particularly lovely to hear Kim Gordan's playing on 'Teenage Riot'.


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The Pervert's Guide to Ideology

Sophie Fiennes' wonderful second cinematic collaboration with philosopher and cultural theorist Slavoj Žižek has its Irish and UK television premiere this week on FILM4 on Tuesday at 11.30pm. We had a blast working on the sound edit, sound design and mix of this film at Ardmore Sound and Screenscene. Here's the trailer:

The Sea

The Sea continues its run in Irish and UK cinemas this week. We had the pleasure of mixing this film at Ardmore Sound last year. Here's the trailer:

Jimmy Murakami: Non-Alien

People in Ireland, you can now watch Sé Merry Doyle's gorgeous documentary about the late, great Jimmy Murakami on the RTE Player. We had the pleasure of working on the sound edit and mix for it a few years ago at Ardmore Sound.


Ahead of its theatrical release on 9th May, Lenny Abrahamson's new film, Frank, had it's Irish and UK premieres this week. Here's a nice interview with Lenny from tn2 and Jon Ronson's article in the Guardian about the motivation behind writing the script for the film.

Ghost Train

Following on from recent screenings at festivals in Amsterdam, Estonia and France, Lee Cronin's wonderful horror short GHOST TRAIN has just been announced as part of the Twisted Celluloid Film Festival which runs at the Triskel in Cork from the 15th -18th of May. It screens alongside the opening film Love Eternal (Director Brendan Muldowney and Producer Conor Barry) on Thursday 15th. The short's producer, John Keville, was announced as Ireland's Producer on the Move at the Cannes Film Festival this year. There's a nice interview with him about it here.

Ciarán Foy

Huge congratulations to Ciarán Foy on the announcement that he is to direct Sinister 2 this summer. Here's what Scott Derrickson said about why he decided on Foy to direct the film:

"I remember reading the strong reactions people had to Citadel when it played at SXSW, so in January I watched it on VOD. I was struck by Ciarán’s confidence as a genre director, and how he sustained tension but also had a distinctively European cinema style and sensibility. That’s precisely what I was looking for in a director for Sinister 2 - somebody who could sustain tension but also had a classic sense of cinema style and control. He is also clearly very good with actors - including child actors - and that was also a requirement for the director of this film. And then when I met him, I was impressed by his intelligence and his unusual blend of humility and creative confidence. We could not have gotten a better director for Sinister 2."

I couldn't agree more. Can't wait to see what he does with it. In the meantime, here's the Trailer for CITADEL (now available on DVD, Blu Ray, and VOD including Netflix), which we had the pleasure of doing the sound post work on at Ardmore Sound and Screenscene.

Songs For Amy

Konrad Begg's debut feature, Songs For Amy, gets its Irish theatrical release this week on 1st May at all IMC Cinemas around the country. We worked on the foley and sound edit for the film at Ardmore Sound. Here's the trailer:

Two Great Reads

Patrick Freyne wrote a lovely piece in the Irish Times about his time in a band (a more appropriate title might have been 'How to make music and influence lots of people in lots of different ways'). Also in the Irish Times this week, there is a wonderful piece from Donal Dineen as he was about to present his last Radio show for 2XM.


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Here's the official poster for 'FRANK', which lands in Irish and UK cinemas next month:

The Last Day On Mars

Ruairi Robinson’s  The Last Days On Mars opens in cinemas across Ireland and the UK this weekend. I've posted the trailer a few times, so here's something different; these are the VFX breakdowns from my colleagues at Screenscene VFX:

Full picture and sound post on the film was completed at Screenscene and Ardmore Sound.

Ghost Train

Lee Cronin's beautiful Horror Short 'Ghost Train' continues its healthy festival run this week with screenings at the Imagine Film Festival in Amsterdam. We had a blast working on the sound design, foley and final mix for the film at Ardmore Sound. Check out their Facebook page for updates and future screenings.

Jimmy Murakami: Non Alien

Sé Merry Doyle's gorgeous documentary about the late, great Jimmy Murakami has a special one-off screening tonight at the Lighthouse Cinema, Dublin. We had the pleasure of working on the sound edit and mix for it a few years ago at Ardmore Sound. Here's the trailer:

Michael Semanick Interview

Here's a nice interview with one of my favourite Re-Recording Mixers, Michael Semanick. (via @HDSurround)

Coll Anderson

Here's a nice article, interview and podcast about sound designer Coll Anderson. I'm a big fan of his work, especially for Sean Durkin's 'Martha Marcy May Marlene'. As with all of my favourite sound design, his work is very sub-conscious and something you 'feel' as a viewer rather than get hit over the head by; it works to compliment and enhance the story/drama/performance unfolding on screen.

Isolated Vocals

Faster Louder has an article with links to 20 vocal tracks from a whole array of songs. It's amazing hearing these performances in such a raw way.

Larry Crane

There's a good video interview with Tape Op founder and music producer Larry Crane over on


Here's an interesting article and video looking at modern music mastering and what 'loud' means in the streaming/download age. Bob Katz discusses something similar in his 'Mastering' book from a number of years back with regard to commercial radio. Louder does not equal better! Who knew?!



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Ahead of it's May 2nd release date, Lenny Abrahamson's 'Frank' will have it's UK premiere on April 25th at Sundance London.

The Sea

Directed by Stephen Brown and based on John Banville's Man Booker Prize winning novel, 'The Sea' will be released in Irish cinemas on April 18th. We mixed the film at Ardmore Sound last year. Here's the Trailer:


My talented colleagues Screenscene VFX have put together a new showreel of their impressive work:

Darklight Programme

After a successful Fundit campaign, Dublin's Darklight festival has just launched its exciting programme for 2014.

Toward An Open-Standard Surround-Sound Format

The Motion Picture Editor's Guild has a detailed article about the Digital Cinema Initiative's proposal for an open-standard surround-sound format for cinema (via @HDSurround). I'm interested to see where Atmos and Auro 3D will take cinema; would love to see/hear a non-blockbuster mixed in either of these formats...

Under The Skin

Screen Daily has a great article about the long gestation of Jonathan Glazer's 'Under The Skin'. You can stream Mica Levi's beautiful score for the film on Pitchfork Advance.


The Hollywood Reporter has an insightful interview with Darren Aronofsky about the difficult process (particularly in post production) of bringing his epic 'Noah' to audiences. There is also a good piece about the film's sound design and mix. Looking forward to seeing and hearing it!


Sound Designer Peter Albrechtsen (@lydrummet) has written an article for dox about the sound of 'Zidane, A 21st Century Portrait'. In it, he talks to Sound Re-recording Mixer, Tom Johnson, who mixed the film at Ardmore Sound. It's an incredible sounding film, not quite like any other; it's filmed so uniquely and takes you on a really unusual journey, definitely worth your time! Here's the trailer:

Echo Location 11

Ian Whitty & the Exchange

Here's the video for the new Ian Whitty & the Exchange single, 'Birds Carry Souls, which I had the pleasure of mixing:

Here's their facebook page and you can follow them on Twitter.

Adam and Paul is 10

It's hard to believe that Lenny Abrahamson's debut feature, Adam and Paul, is 10 this year. To mark this Dublin's Project Arts Centre is running a series of events presented by THEATREclub and Depaul Ireland. There's more information here. Here's the trailer for the film:


Dublin's Darklight festival will launch it's 2014 programme this Thursday, 27th March at Block T. There's more information here. The festival also has a fundit campaign, which has almost reached it's target with just a few days to go; check it out here and consider supporting!

Jimmy Murakami - Non Alien

This beautiful documentary about the late, great Jimmy Murakami and his incredible life story (that I was lucky enough to have worked on a few years ago) is heading to Cannes this year. Here's the information and the trailer:

Hearsay Festival 2014

The Hearsay Festival is Ireland's first Audio Arts Festival and takes place from 21st-23rd November in the mountain village of Kilfinane, Co Limerick. They have just launched their website and an initial list of contributors and guests. I'm very much looking forward to attending and taking part!

Wes Anderson // Centred

This is a pretty incredible video showing the symmetry of Wes Anderson:

American Graffiti

The Dissolve has a great article (via @lydrummet) about 'American Graffiti', George Lucas' second feature and one of my favourite sound films of all time. Here's a great piece where Walter Murch discusses some of the sound ideas used to create the film's rich soundtrack.

Echo Location 10


Frank played at SXSW this week and has been receiving glowing reviews: The Guardian, IndiewireFilm School Rejects, We Got This Covered, Geeks of Doom. Here's an Indiewire interview with director Lenny Abrahamson.

Lenny also made an appearance on RTE Radio One's The Book Show this week to talk abouthis adaptation of Emma Donoghue's 'Room'. AUDIO.

Ghost Train

Lee Cronin's excellent horror short, 'Ghost Train' continues it's festival run. The film is playing as part of the Dingle International Film Festival in a special section of Irish Film Board Shorts at 1:30pm today. It also has a screening this weekend at the Moscow Irish Film Festival. It will have its Dutch Premiere at the 30th Imagine: Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival in April.

Under The Skin

Dazed has a great article (via @lacosapreziosa) on the sound and music of 'Under The Skin'. It's nice to hear of a film where sound design was made part of the process so early in the film's development. It's a truly incredible sounding film.


This week Neil Young revealed his 'ultra-high resolution' Pono music player at SXSW. The Quietus has a really interesting take on it. While I welcome any and all listening/distribution alternatives to usual suspects, the high resolution argument seems to be a strange thing to base a service/player on. Here's a good article (via @sq_analogheart) about blind testing different resolution formats and the results. If you want to go deeper into the world of sample rates here's an in depth article by Dan Lavry of Lavry Engineering.

Particle Fever

There's an interesting interview with editor/sound designer Walter Murch about 'Particle Fever' on Indiewire.


Echo Location 09

Frank Trailer

Here's the wonderful trailer for 'FRANK':

Wes Anderson

Rolling Stone has a lovely interview with Wes Anderson about his long-term working relationship with Bill Murray. For any Anderson fans, there is an exhibition of some of Annie Atkins' beautiful work for 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' at the Lighthouse Cinema in Dublin.

Randy Thom

Randy Thom has written a great article for designing sound on the idea of involving sound as early as possible in the filmmaking process (music to my ears!).

Leslie Shatz

Leslie Shatz is one of my favourite Sound Designers and Sound Re-recording Mixers. His recent credits include '12 Years A Slave', 'Killing Then Softly' and 'True Detective'. He won the Technical Grand Prize at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival for his sound design on Gus Van Sant's 'Last Days', this is a nice interview with him from that time.

The Moth/Sounds Out Loud

Any Dublin-based The Moth podcast fans might be interested in this upcoming Sounds Out Loud event.

The Sound of Lone Survivor

Soundworks Collection has a really nice behind-the-scenes of the sound post process for the Peter Berg film, 'Lone Survivor'. It was recently nominated for both Best Sound Oscars. It's an incredibly immersive and physical sounding film.

The Art of the Loop

There's a nice clip on the BBC website of Matthew Herbert on 'The Art of the Loop'.

Nine Inch Nails/Coil

The Quietus has an in-depth interview with Trent Reznor about his love of and relationship with 'Coil'. I'm a big Coil fan and their remix work for Nine Inch Nails was my introduction to them, so it's nice to read the background to their relationship...

Echo Location 08


Delighted that we have been nominated for an IFTA for our sound work on Ruairi Robinson's 'The Last Days On Mars'. Congratulations to Ruairi, who is also deservedly nominated for Best Director. The film gets its Irish and UK release on 11th April. Full picture, VFX and sound post on the film were carried out at Screenscne and Ardmore Sound. Here's the trailer:

Congratulations to all of my colleagues, who also received nominations across multiple catagories for their excellent work. The Screenscene website has a great rundown of all of their work here.

To Sleep to Dream

Ear Films' award-winning debut production, 'To Sleep To Dream', has its Australian premiere from 7th-11th at Melbourne Recital Centre. We worked on the sound edit, sound design and foley for the show at Ardmore Sound. This is a really unique production, where the audience sits blind-folded in the middle of a 19 speaker ambisonic surround sound system, for an immersive storytelling experience. Here's a clip explaining what an Ear Film is:

Kelly + Victor

Following on from his BAFTA win, here's an indepth interview with 'Kelly+Victor' writer/director Kieran Evans.


Following on from its world premiere, US distribution deal and huge critical acclaim last month at the Sundance Film Festival, Lenny Abrahamson's FRANK is now Austin-bound to play at SXSW festival which runs from 7th-15th March, where it has several screenings. The film is released in Ireland in May. Full picture, VFX and sound post were carried out at Screenscne and Ardmore Sound, we had an absolute blast working on it. Here's the teaser:

Ghost Train

Lee Cronin's wonderful horror short, Ghost Train, continues it's festival run with a screening as part of a special selection of Irish Film Board shorts at the 14th Dingle International Film Festival on Sunday 16th March. We did full sound post on the film at Ardmore Sound.

Walter Murch Masterclass

Here's a great masterclass from last year's Sheffield Documentary Festival from picture editor and sound designer Walter Murch.

The Wes Anderson Collection

If, like me, you are excited about the release of 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' next week, here's part one of a collection of videos from writer Matt Zoller Seitz about Wes Anderson's career to date. He's also put together a beautiful book called 'The Wes Anderson Collection', which looks at each of Anderson's films, with essays, indepth interviews and lots of incredible behind-the-scenes detail. Highly recommended!

Echo Location 07


Here are the remianing two tracks from the Small Group Primate album, 'Inner Worlds':

A Beginning

Scratching Beneath the Surface

You can now stream/download the full album:

Missing Green

Missing Green is a beautiful short from Irish director Anne Maree Barry. It premiered at last year's IFI 'Stranger Than Fiction' Festival as well as screening at the Cork Film Festival; this Friday it is playing at RENCONTRES INTERNATIONALES Paris/Berlin. Complete sound post on the film was carried out at Ardmore Sound, I worked on it as Sound Designer and Re-recording Mixer. Here's the trailer:


Now in it's 15th year, Darklight is gearing up for another exciting festival. The theme of this year's event is 'ReBoot'. The festival provides a unique platform for Irish and International filmmakers and artists, and has always been run on a not-for profit basis; this year the organisers have launched a fundit campaign to help with the running costs.

Clint Mansell

So, last week I post that really great interview with composer Clint Mansell and now he's playing a gig at the National Concert Hall in Dublin in October (I'm sure the two are unrelated!). Here's the information. Can't wait!

Sonic Wonders of the World

I've been reading a really great book on acoustics and the character sounds/spaces called 'Sonic Wonders of the World'. It's written by the acoustician, Trevor Cox . He was recently interviewed by NPR about it. Well worth your time, if you any interest in sound... He's on Twitter and has a fascinating blog.

MPSE Golden Reels

Soundworks Collection has two great clips from last weekend's Golden Reel awards. The first is a tribute to the late Ray Dolby by Walter Murch. The second is of Randy Thom receiving his Career Achievement Award from George Lucas. Here's the tribute reel of Randy's work they played at the event:

20 Years of the Irish Film Board

Here's a lovely trailer celebrating 20 Years of the Irish Film Board that's been playing at JDIFF:

Echo Location 06


I've uploaded another two new Small Group Primate tracks:


Two film's we worked on at Ardmore Sound and Screenscene have upcoming festival screenings:


Frank has been selected to play as part of the Festival Favorites strand of SXSW. Here's the details. Frank will be on general release in Ireland in May and in North America and beyond this summer.

The Last Days On Mars

The Last Days On Mars plays at JDIFF on Monday, ahead of it's Irish release in April.

Ear Films

Last year I got to work on the sound design for a really interesting project called 'To Sleep, To Dream', which is being made by an innovative UK sound collective called Ear Films. It is a really unique project, based around an ambisonic sound system of 19 discrete speakers. You can find out more about the show and Ear Films on their site. 'To Sleep, To Dream' premiered at the Brighton Festival last year, where it won a Brighton Argus Angel and is moving to Melbourne next month for a run at The Melbourne Recital Centre.


Randy Thom

Randy Thom is the Director of Sound Design at Skywalker Sound and is about to be honoured with a career achievement award at this year's MPSE Golden Reel Awards. Check out his amazing credits on IMDB. Here's a lovely interview with him about his career as a sound editor, designer and re-recording mixer. Here's the essay he mentions in the interview about Designing for Sound.

Jad Abumrad

Wired has a nice piece about Radiolab's Jad Abumrad and his home sound setup. His sound design for the show is always really impressive.

Clint Mansell

Here's a great, indepth audio interview with film composer Clint Mansell from Mixcloud.