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New Music

I haven't put out any music since 2008. It feels like an long time ago... I have been working on new material all through this time, though, so have decided to start making some of it available. There is a full album of stuff, which started out as a new Northstation album a few years back, but, over time, became something else. I'm releasing it under the new name 'Small Group Primate'. Over the next five weeks I'm going to put two new tracks a week from it onto the site. You can stream and download the first pair here:


Also, I've made everything I've released over the last 14 years available for streaming and download over on my music page.



Following on from it's Sundance premiere last Friday, Frank made number 1 on Spin's 10 Best Films We Saw at Sundance list; Proper Order!

Wired has a really insightful interview with Lenny Abrahamson about the use of Twitter and social media in the film.

And, In case you missed the clip from it last week:


The Pervert's Guide to Ideology

THE PERVERT'S GUIDE TO IDEOLOGY (a film we did the sound edit, design and mix on at Ardmore Sound and Screenscene) will be released on DVD and Digital in the USA and Canada on February 18, via Zeitgeist Films. You can pre-order it from their webstore at 25% off:  They are running a funny competition to win copies of the film here.



There's a lovely interview with 'Kelly+Victor' writer/director Kieran Evans on page 44 of January's Vérité


The Last Days On Mars - JDIFF 2014

The Dublin Film Festival launch its programme this week filled with excellent Irish and International premieres and screenings. Amongst them is Ruairí Robinson's 'The Last Days On Mars', which is on in Cineworld on 17th of February at 9pm. Full picture and sound post on the film was carried out at Ardmore Sound and Screenscene. Myself and my colleague Garret Farrell were re-recording mixers for it. Here's the trailer:



Someone posted a link to this on my facebook timeline this week. Director Sam Mendes and Director of Photography Conrad L. Hall talk about the storyboards to picture for 'American Beauty':


Bill Callahan

Bill Callahan has released a dub version of last year's 'Dream River' album (he plays the Olympia in Dublin Feb 2nd). Here's the beautiful reworking of 'Javelin Landing':


Tim Hecker

Here's a lovely mix from Tim Hecker for WQXR:


The Longest Ever Echo

This was knocking around a few days ago, but here it is again in case you missed it.


Free Tape-Op

Tape-Op, my favourite sound nerd magazine, is now offering a free digital subscribtion straight to you inbox.