Echo Location 04


Here's the next two tracks from the Small Group Primate album, 'Inner Worlds', I'm releasing over the next few weeks:



Following its premiere at Sundance, Frank has just penned a distribution deal for North America with Magnolia, who are to release the film this summer. It will be released by Element Distribution in Ireland in May.

Here's two more 'Best of' Sundance lists that Frank Topped this past week: Indiewire, The Daily Beast and an interview with Lenny Abrahamson in Paste. The film has a lovely website, too.


Ghost Train

Lee Cronin's wonderful new short, Ghost Train, has its international premiere this week at Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival. Ahead of this, Lee gave a lovely interview to Film Ireland. We had a blast working on full sound post for the film at Ardmore Sound last year. Here's the Trailer:


Randy Coppinger Interview

In case you missed it, there's a great, insightful  interview over on Designing Sound with Randy Coppinger, who is Dialogue Production Supervisor at Disney Publishing Worldwide.


Garret Farrell Interview

IFTN has a really good interview with my talented colleague and re-recording mixer Garret Farrell.


5 Tiny Items That Will Make or Break Your (Field) Recording Session

I've been guilty of some of these over the years; there's a great list over on the Sound Reflections blog.


The Driftwood Manor

My pals and sometimes musical collaborators 'The Driftwood Manor' have a beautiful new album available now through Private Press Music. You can preview it on their bandcamp.


Movies In Colour

This is a pretty amazing site for any film nerd; it shows stills from films and their corresponding color palettes. (via DonalOMahony).


The 33 Most beautiful abandoned places in the world

I saw these pictures during the week and they blew my mind!