Echo Location 07


Here are the remianing two tracks from the Small Group Primate album, 'Inner Worlds':

A Beginning

Scratching Beneath the Surface

You can now stream/download the full album:

Missing Green

Missing Green is a beautiful short from Irish director Anne Maree Barry. It premiered at last year's IFI 'Stranger Than Fiction' Festival as well as screening at the Cork Film Festival; this Friday it is playing at RENCONTRES INTERNATIONALES Paris/Berlin. Complete sound post on the film was carried out at Ardmore Sound, I worked on it as Sound Designer and Re-recording Mixer. Here's the trailer:


Now in it's 15th year, Darklight is gearing up for another exciting festival. The theme of this year's event is 'ReBoot'. The festival provides a unique platform for Irish and International filmmakers and artists, and has always been run on a not-for profit basis; this year the organisers have launched a fundit campaign to help with the running costs.

Clint Mansell

So, last week I post that really great interview with composer Clint Mansell and now he's playing a gig at the National Concert Hall in Dublin in October (I'm sure the two are unrelated!). Here's the information. Can't wait!

Sonic Wonders of the World

I've been reading a really great book on acoustics and the character sounds/spaces called 'Sonic Wonders of the World'. It's written by the acoustician, Trevor Cox . He was recently interviewed by NPR about it. Well worth your time, if you any interest in sound... He's on Twitter and has a fascinating blog.

MPSE Golden Reels

Soundworks Collection has two great clips from last weekend's Golden Reel awards. The first is a tribute to the late Ray Dolby by Walter Murch. The second is of Randy Thom receiving his Career Achievement Award from George Lucas. Here's the tribute reel of Randy's work they played at the event:

20 Years of the Irish Film Board

Here's a lovely trailer celebrating 20 Years of the Irish Film Board that's been playing at JDIFF: