Echo Location 05

I've uploaded another two Small Group Primate tracks from the album, 'Inner Worlds':


Ahead of it's cinema release in May, Frank will have a special showing at the Jon Ronson curated 'From Page To Screen' at Bridsport Film Festival this April. The Film's Director, Lenny Abrahamson, and its two screenwriters, Jon Ronson and Peter Straughan, will be in conversation after screening. Here's a link to it on the festival's site. Full post on the film was carried out at Screenscne and Ardmore Sound.

Ghost Train

Following on from screening at Clermont-Ferrand this week, Ghost Train will be having it's Finnish Premiere in competition at the Tampere Film Festival in March. We did full sound post production on the film at Ardmore Sound. Here's the trailer:

The Last Days On Mars - IFTA Screening

As part of the IFTA Viewing Season The Last Days on Mars, is screening on Tuesday, February 11th at 7.00pm in The Odeon Point Village, Dublin. The film has been put forward in the following catagories: Feature Film, Director (Ruairí Robinson), Cinematographer (Robbie Ryan) and Sound (Jon Stevenson, Garret Farrell, Steve Fanagan). Full post on the film was carried out at Screenscne and Ardmore Sound. This screening is for IFTA members only, but the Film is on general release in Ireland in April and is available on VOD in North America... Here's the trailer:

Emily Lazar Interview

NPR has a really insightful interview with one of my all-time favourite mastering engineers, Emily Lazar. Here's a link to her studio, The Lodge.

Jamey Scott Interview

Here's a great interview with Sound Designer, Editor and Re-recording Mixer, Jamey Scott from Audible Worlds.

Flight Lines

Here's a beautiful film about bird flight patterns:

Team Panti

In case you missed it, here's @PantiBliss incredible speech at The Abbey last weekend #TeamPanti: