Echo Location 11

Ian Whitty & the Exchange

Here's the video for the new Ian Whitty & the Exchange single, 'Birds Carry Souls, which I had the pleasure of mixing:

Here's their facebook page and you can follow them on Twitter.

Adam and Paul is 10

It's hard to believe that Lenny Abrahamson's debut feature, Adam and Paul, is 10 this year. To mark this Dublin's Project Arts Centre is running a series of events presented by THEATREclub and Depaul Ireland. There's more information here. Here's the trailer for the film:


Dublin's Darklight festival will launch it's 2014 programme this Thursday, 27th March at Block T. There's more information here. The festival also has a fundit campaign, which has almost reached it's target with just a few days to go; check it out here and consider supporting!

Jimmy Murakami - Non Alien

This beautiful documentary about the late, great Jimmy Murakami and his incredible life story (that I was lucky enough to have worked on a few years ago) is heading to Cannes this year. Here's the information and the trailer:

Hearsay Festival 2014

The Hearsay Festival is Ireland's first Audio Arts Festival and takes place from 21st-23rd November in the mountain village of Kilfinane, Co Limerick. They have just launched their website and an initial list of contributors and guests. I'm very much looking forward to attending and taking part!

Wes Anderson // Centred

This is a pretty incredible video showing the symmetry of Wes Anderson:

American Graffiti

The Dissolve has a great article (via @lydrummet) about 'American Graffiti', George Lucas' second feature and one of my favourite sound films of all time. Here's a great piece where Walter Murch discusses some of the sound ideas used to create the film's rich soundtrack.