Echo Location 09

Frank Trailer

Here's the wonderful trailer for 'FRANK':

Wes Anderson

Rolling Stone has a lovely interview with Wes Anderson about his long-term working relationship with Bill Murray. For any Anderson fans, there is an exhibition of some of Annie Atkins' beautiful work for 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' at the Lighthouse Cinema in Dublin.

Randy Thom

Randy Thom has written a great article for designing sound on the idea of involving sound as early as possible in the filmmaking process (music to my ears!).

Leslie Shatz

Leslie Shatz is one of my favourite Sound Designers and Sound Re-recording Mixers. His recent credits include '12 Years A Slave', 'Killing Then Softly' and 'True Detective'. He won the Technical Grand Prize at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival for his sound design on Gus Van Sant's 'Last Days', this is a nice interview with him from that time.

The Moth/Sounds Out Loud

Any Dublin-based The Moth podcast fans might be interested in this upcoming Sounds Out Loud event.

The Sound of Lone Survivor

Soundworks Collection has a really nice behind-the-scenes of the sound post process for the Peter Berg film, 'Lone Survivor'. It was recently nominated for both Best Sound Oscars. It's an incredibly immersive and physical sounding film.

The Art of the Loop

There's a nice clip on the BBC website of Matthew Herbert on 'The Art of the Loop'.

Nine Inch Nails/Coil

The Quietus has an in-depth interview with Trent Reznor about his love of and relationship with 'Coil'. I'm a big Coil fan and their remix work for Nine Inch Nails was my introduction to them, so it's nice to read the background to their relationship...