Echo Location 13


Here's the official poster for 'FRANK', which lands in Irish and UK cinemas next month:

The Last Day On Mars

Ruairi Robinson’s  The Last Days On Mars opens in cinemas across Ireland and the UK this weekend. I've posted the trailer a few times, so here's something different; these are the VFX breakdowns from my colleagues at Screenscene VFX:

Full picture and sound post on the film was completed at Screenscene and Ardmore Sound.

Ghost Train

Lee Cronin's beautiful Horror Short 'Ghost Train' continues its healthy festival run this week with screenings at the Imagine Film Festival in Amsterdam. We had a blast working on the sound design, foley and final mix for the film at Ardmore Sound. Check out their Facebook page for updates and future screenings.

Jimmy Murakami: Non Alien

Sé Merry Doyle's gorgeous documentary about the late, great Jimmy Murakami has a special one-off screening tonight at the Lighthouse Cinema, Dublin. We had the pleasure of working on the sound edit and mix for it a few years ago at Ardmore Sound. Here's the trailer:

Michael Semanick Interview

Here's a nice interview with one of my favourite Re-Recording Mixers, Michael Semanick. (via @HDSurround)

Coll Anderson

Here's a nice article, interview and podcast about sound designer Coll Anderson. I'm a big fan of his work, especially for Sean Durkin's 'Martha Marcy May Marlene'. As with all of my favourite sound design, his work is very sub-conscious and something you 'feel' as a viewer rather than get hit over the head by; it works to compliment and enhance the story/drama/performance unfolding on screen.

Isolated Vocals

Faster Louder has an article with links to 20 vocal tracks from a whole array of songs. It's amazing hearing these performances in such a raw way.

Larry Crane

There's a good video interview with Tape Op founder and music producer Larry Crane over on


Here's an interesting article and video looking at modern music mastering and what 'loud' means in the streaming/download age. Bob Katz discusses something similar in his 'Mastering' book from a number of years back with regard to commercial radio. Louder does not equal better! Who knew?!