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Dublin Editors - In Conversation With

My colleague (and award-winning editor) Nathan Nugent (What Richard Did, Frank, Kelly + Victor, ROG) and I have been invited to take part in an event presented by Dublin Editors next Wednesday May 14th in Brooks' Private Cinema in Dublin. We are going to discuss some of our work on What Richard Did (which I was re-recording mixer on; Niall Brady was sound designer) and Frank (with I was sound designer and re-recording mixer on, with Niall Brady as supervising sound editor and Ken Galvin as re-recording mixer), as well as a few other bits and pieces, if time permits. Here's the Facebook event for it.


Frank hits Irish and UK cinemas this weekend. I can't tell you how lucky I feel to have gotten to work on this film with my colleagues at Screenscene and Ardmore Sound; it's a real gem. You must go see it! Here's a few new clips that have surfaced over the last few days to whet your appetite:

Kelly + Victor

Screen Daily has a really nice article about 'Kelly + Victor' Producer Janine Marmot, who we're looking forward to working with again on her new feature 'Brand New-U'.

Steve Albini

There's a nice follow up to Steve Albini's excellent 'The problem with music' essay from 20 years ago here.


Have just recently started watching the boxset for the final season of Treme, so thought I'd post these excellent articles about the sound process on the show: Mix Online,

Isolated Bass Parts

Here's a nice collection of isolated bass guitar parts from some amazing songs. It's particularly lovely to hear Kim Gordan's playing on 'Teenage Riot'.