Echo Location 17

Ghost Train

Lee Cronin's beautiful, terrifying horror short, Ghost Train, continues it's festival run making it's North American debut at the prestigious Palm Springs Shortfest in California. We had an absolute blast working on full sound post for the film at Ardmore Sound this time last year.

Bryan Jerden

Really insightful interview with Film Trailer Sound Designer, Bryan Jerden (via @asoundeffect)

Europeana Sounds

This site looks very promising for soundies as it aims to publish over a million recordings from the British Library and beyond by 2017. (via @lacosapreziosa  )

Noise Action Week

There's an interesting blog post over on Noise Action Week's website by David Hendy on noise pollution and the need for good noise regulation.

We need to talk about Timecode

Great post by composer Dave Chick on the importance of Timecode in the post production process.


Here are two great articles I came across this week thanks to twitter:

Oscar Winner William Monahan on How to Write Unforgettable Dialogue (via @lydrummet  )

Sinead Gleeson has a brilliant piece in the Irish Times Character Building (via @sineadgleeson)

Sound Tourism

Here's a nice article inspired by Trevor Cox's Sound Tourism website. I like the idea traveling somewhere to hear a place, rather than just to see it!

Werner Hedgehog

This may be my favourite piece of internet, I give you Werner Hedgehog

 Birds on the Wires

This is quite lovely: