Echo Location 18

Missing green

Anne Maree Barry's beautiful short, Missing Green, returns to its filming location at The Coombe with several screenings and a series of events at Pallas Projects/Studios, in association with Common Ground.  Here's the information. We completed full sound post on the film at Ardmore Sound last year.

House Of Cards

Song Exploder has an interesting piece with composer Jeff Beal on creating the title music for House Of Cards:

Randy Thom

NPR has a nice interview with Sound Designer, Randy Thom, about creating the sound for How to Train Your Dragon 2. I love how he always emphasizes the importance of Sound Design being part of the pre-production and early phase of a film's development!


Here's a cool documentary about the creation of Auro-3D; looking forward to seeing/hearing a film in this new format.

The Art of Comedy Editing

Great Read on the Art of Comedy Editing (via@areamandublin)

Björk and Jonny Greenwood in the Guardian

The Guardian has two great recent music-related articles; an indepth interview with Björk - and an piece written by Jonny Greenwood.

Mike Patton

Staying with music, here's an indepth interview with Mike Patton from The Believer

Donnacha Costello

Irish electronic music producer Donnacha Costello has an indiegogo campaign to fund a new and really interesting sounding project, Love From Dust. Looking forward to hearing it!

Stephen O'Malley

Sunn O)))'s Stephen O'Malley has done an amazing three hour mix for Fact Mix