Echo Location 19


I was delighted to hear that Gerard Barrett's new Feature Film, GLASSLAND, will have it's international premiere at this year's Galway Film Fleadh. The film will screen on Friday 11th July at 8pm in the Town Hall Theatre. We completed full sound post on the film in Screenscene a few week's ago and are very excited for people to see (and hear) it! If you haven't seen Gerard's debut feature, Pilgrim Hill, seek it out.

What is Silence?

Designing Sound is currently looking at 'Silence' as it's topic of discussion this month; Is 'Silence the Sound of Listening'? Lovely piece of writing...

The sound of 'How to Train Your Dragon 2'

Soundworks Collection has an inspiring profile on the sound of 'How To Train Your Dragon 2'.

Immersive Sound

The Editors Guild has an indepth article about the use of immersive sound in this summer's big blockbuster films. (via @HDSurround)

Clint Mansell

Here's a great video of a Clint Mansell masterclass from the BFI. (via @lydrummet)

YouTube's new music service

There's been some interesting discussion about YouTube's new music service over the last few weeks. Here's an article from Motherboard that gives some of the background. Here's another from The Guardian. Impala has filed a complaint with the European Commission over the proposed contract YouTube is offering independent labels. You can read the entire leaked contract over on Digital Music News. Here's a good take on the whole thing from the New York Times.

Festival Pay

With summer music festival season in full swing, there's a good piece written by Aoife Barry on The Journal about the various ways performers are paid/not paid for their participation at these events.