Echo Location 22

I wanted to post a collection of sound related articles, clips and podcasts that I have gotten a lot out of over the last few months, in case they might be of interest to anyone else:

The sound of Darren Aronofsky's 'mother!': Indiewire

David Lynch on the sound of 'Twin Peaks': New York Times

Here's a brilliant article for Filmmakers demystifying the sound post process:

Insightful and in-depth read on the post process for War For The Planet Of The Apes: Cinemontage

Here's a great video with the sound post crew of ARRIVAL: Youtube
And here's a print interview, too: Deadline

Here's a collection of interviews with the teams behind all of the sound catagory winners at this year's EMMYS: asoundeffect

Great insight into the work behind the sound of Fargo: postperspective

Here's some sound related podcasts I've been getting a lot out of these last few months

Great interviews with Sound Designers, Sound Re-recording Mixers and Composers:

Soundworks Collection



General sound and music discussion:

Song Exploder


Sound Opinions