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I've uploaded another two Small Group Primate tracks from the album, 'Inner Worlds':


Ahead of it's cinema release in May, Frank will have a special showing at the Jon Ronson curated 'From Page To Screen' at Bridsport Film Festival this April. The Film's Director, Lenny Abrahamson, and its two screenwriters, Jon Ronson and Peter Straughan, will be in conversation after screening. Here's a link to it on the festival's site. Full post on the film was carried out at Screenscne and Ardmore Sound.

Ghost Train

Following on from screening at Clermont-Ferrand this week, Ghost Train will be having it's Finnish Premiere in competition at the Tampere Film Festival in March. We did full sound post production on the film at Ardmore Sound. Here's the trailer:

The Last Days On Mars - IFTA Screening

As part of the IFTA Viewing Season The Last Days on Mars, is screening on Tuesday, February 11th at 7.00pm in The Odeon Point Village, Dublin. The film has been put forward in the following catagories: Feature Film, Director (Ruairí Robinson), Cinematographer (Robbie Ryan) and Sound (Jon Stevenson, Garret Farrell, Steve Fanagan). Full post on the film was carried out at Screenscne and Ardmore Sound. This screening is for IFTA members only, but the Film is on general release in Ireland in April and is available on VOD in North America... Here's the trailer:

Emily Lazar Interview

NPR has a really insightful interview with one of my all-time favourite mastering engineers, Emily Lazar. Here's a link to her studio, The Lodge.

Jamey Scott Interview

Here's a great interview with Sound Designer, Editor and Re-recording Mixer, Jamey Scott from Audible Worlds.

Flight Lines

Here's a beautiful film about bird flight patterns:

Team Panti

In case you missed it, here's @PantiBliss incredible speech at The Abbey last weekend #TeamPanti:

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Here's the next two tracks from the Small Group Primate album, 'Inner Worlds', I'm releasing over the next few weeks:



Following its premiere at Sundance, Frank has just penned a distribution deal for North America with Magnolia, who are to release the film this summer. It will be released by Element Distribution in Ireland in May.

Here's two more 'Best of' Sundance lists that Frank Topped this past week: Indiewire, The Daily Beast and an interview with Lenny Abrahamson in Paste. The film has a lovely website, too.


Ghost Train

Lee Cronin's wonderful new short, Ghost Train, has its international premiere this week at Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival. Ahead of this, Lee gave a lovely interview to Film Ireland. We had a blast working on full sound post for the film at Ardmore Sound last year. Here's the Trailer:


Randy Coppinger Interview

In case you missed it, there's a great, insightful  interview over on Designing Sound with Randy Coppinger, who is Dialogue Production Supervisor at Disney Publishing Worldwide.


Garret Farrell Interview

IFTN has a really good interview with my talented colleague and re-recording mixer Garret Farrell.


5 Tiny Items That Will Make or Break Your (Field) Recording Session

I've been guilty of some of these over the years; there's a great list over on the Sound Reflections blog.


The Driftwood Manor

My pals and sometimes musical collaborators 'The Driftwood Manor' have a beautiful new album available now through Private Press Music. You can preview it on their bandcamp.


Movies In Colour

This is a pretty amazing site for any film nerd; it shows stills from films and their corresponding color palettes. (via DonalOMahony).


The 33 Most beautiful abandoned places in the world

I saw these pictures during the week and they blew my mind!


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New Music

I haven't put out any music since 2008. It feels like an long time ago... I have been working on new material all through this time, though, so have decided to start making some of it available. There is a full album of stuff, which started out as a new Northstation album a few years back, but, over time, became something else. I'm releasing it under the new name 'Small Group Primate'. Over the next five weeks I'm going to put two new tracks a week from it onto the site. You can stream and download the first pair here:


Also, I've made everything I've released over the last 14 years available for streaming and download over on my music page.



Following on from it's Sundance premiere last Friday, Frank made number 1 on Spin's 10 Best Films We Saw at Sundance list; Proper Order!

Wired has a really insightful interview with Lenny Abrahamson about the use of Twitter and social media in the film.

And, In case you missed the clip from it last week:


The Pervert's Guide to Ideology

THE PERVERT'S GUIDE TO IDEOLOGY (a film we did the sound edit, design and mix on at Ardmore Sound and Screenscene) will be released on DVD and Digital in the USA and Canada on February 18, via Zeitgeist Films. You can pre-order it from their webstore at 25% off:  They are running a funny competition to win copies of the film here.



There's a lovely interview with 'Kelly+Victor' writer/director Kieran Evans on page 44 of January's Vérité


The Last Days On Mars - JDIFF 2014

The Dublin Film Festival launch its programme this week filled with excellent Irish and International premieres and screenings. Amongst them is Ruairí Robinson's 'The Last Days On Mars', which is on in Cineworld on 17th of February at 9pm. Full picture and sound post on the film was carried out at Ardmore Sound and Screenscene. Myself and my colleague Garret Farrell were re-recording mixers for it. Here's the trailer:



Someone posted a link to this on my facebook timeline this week. Director Sam Mendes and Director of Photography Conrad L. Hall talk about the storyboards to picture for 'American Beauty':


Bill Callahan

Bill Callahan has released a dub version of last year's 'Dream River' album (he plays the Olympia in Dublin Feb 2nd). Here's the beautiful reworking of 'Javelin Landing':


Tim Hecker

Here's a lovely mix from Tim Hecker for WQXR:


The Longest Ever Echo

This was knocking around a few days ago, but here it is again in case you missed it.


Free Tape-Op

Tape-Op, my favourite sound nerd magazine, is now offering a free digital subscribtion straight to you inbox.


Echo Location 02

Frank had it's world premiere at Sundance on Friday night and has been deservedly receiving some incredible reviews: Indiewire, Variety, Screencrush, Hitflix.

Here's a clip from the film: Learn the safe word

And, finally, here's a lovely interview with director Lenny Abrahamson

I can't tell you how excited for this film to be out there in the world, it was an absolute joy to work on. Full post production was carried out at Screenscene and Ardmore Sound.


Kelly+Victor is released on DVD and Blu Ray this week; there's a lovely review from the Guardian. Kieran Evans who worte the screen play and directed the film was recently nominated for a BAFTA for the film.


The Oscar nominations came out this week. Sound Works Collection has a really good round up of the sound catagories.


There is a new version of Soundminer on the way (v4.5). They are offering an 'Early Adopters' discount on the upgrade at present, while they iron out the finished product. I've just begun using it and am excited about what it has to offer. Am really liking the Multi-channel Waveform Overview.


Earlier this week, I was reminded of this songwriting advice from the late, great Jason Molina (Songs: Ohia, Magnolia Electric Co) (via Thumped). Also, there is a nice interview with Steve Albini on The Quietus about working with Jason.


Congratulations to my colleagues in the ScreenSceen VFX department on being nominated for a Visual Effects Society (VES) Award for their work on Sky One miniseries, Moonfleet. You can view some VFX breakdowns from the show here.

Echo Location 01

- Here's a great interview with editor-in-chief Jack Menhorn:

- In advance of the world premiere of Lenny Abrahamson's new film 'Frank' (which I was sound designer and sound re-recording mixer on) this week at Sundance, Jon Ronson (who wrote the screenplay) had this excerpt from his forthcoming book about Frank Sidebottom in The Guardian over the weekend:

- Kelly + Victor, a feature I was Sound Designer on, is released on DVD today:

- Chris Watson is coming to Dublin this month:

- Liars have a new album on the way:

- Here's a nice article on the making of '12 Years a Slave'; there's some good information about the sound in there; the cicada sound design in the film blew me away:

Kelly + Victor

I was delighted to see that writer/director Kieran Evans (@kierboyo)   has been nominated for the @BAFTA for 'Outstanding Debut' for his first feature 'Kelly + Victor' (@KellyandVictor), much deserved! Here's the trailer:

It was a real pleasure to work with him on the sound post for the film at Screenscene; our sound crew was as follows:

Supervising Sound Editor: Michelle Fingleton

Sound Designer/Music Editor: Steve Fanagan

Foley Artist: Caoimhe Doyle

Foley Mixer: Jean McGrath

Sound Re-recording Mixer: Garret Farrell

Here's an Interview with Kieran where he talks about some of the processes we went through, while working on the sound and music editing.

Fingers-crossed for Kieran at the awards!

Chris Watson

There's a really in-depth post over on about the experience of attending a recording workshop with Chris Watson:

I had the lucky experience of attending one of his workshops last summer at the Skibbereen Arts Festival; it was a brilliant learning experience and I took so much away from it that I've used on field recording trips since. He's a true pioneer...

You can check out Chris' own website here