Department Of Forever: Unseen Pictures

Nine track album, on Wow & Flutter (WAF002), release date 10.05.2019.

1. A Collection From My Time Here.
2. Where The Wind Blows Hardest.
3. We Fought Against The Day And We Won.
4. The Grass Won't Care When We're Gone.
5. Unmanned Mission.
6. Only The Goners.
7. Which One Of The Four Horsemen Are You?
8.Some Things Feel Like Everything.
9. A Simulation Of Here.

'A Simulation Of Here' is taken from the album 'Unseen Pictures' by Department Of Forever. The album was released as a limited run of cassettes (100 copies) on Irish independent label, Wow & Flutter ( You can listen to and purchase the album here:

The video is a collaboration between Tadhg O'Sullivan and Steve Fanagan and has shown internationally as part of 'A Visibility Matrix' curated by Sven Anderson and Gerard Byrne

And, here’s a video I made for the track ‘We Fought Against The Day And We Won’

Small Group Primate: You Seem Sure We Caught The Devil
Untitled.2 Compilation

Small Group Primate: Inner Worlds

Ten track album, on slow loris (Slo 30)

1. A Beginning.
2. If Everything's Imagined.
3. Fake My Own Death.
4. The Tribe.
5. Diving.
6. The Idea Of The Thing.
7. Wolf Posture.
8.The Coming Back Around.
9. False Memory.
10. Scratching Beneath The Surface.

northstation: if everything's imagined, wolf posture
slow loris label sampler SXSW 2010

moose eats leaf: adrift. OUT OF PRINT
debut moose eats leaf album, out on slow loris (slo22). made at home by steve fanagan. limited to 50 copies in individual spiro graphed covers. you can view the collected artwork here. Released 07.03.08.
1. set out.
2. to be the sea.
3. frame within frame.
4. still.
5. now we know.
6. we are wolves.
7. there should be something here.
8. drifting, drifting.
9. flicker and fade.

papercut/wrecking ball OUT OF PRINT
two track album, out released by deserted village

northstation the declining winter: the future sounds of hip hop parts 1 and 2 (northstation remix)
released on Misplaced Music (2007)

northstation/normstation OUT OF PRINT
five remixes of other people’s songs by northstation. 3” cd in handmade packaging on slow loris (slo 20). limited to 100 copies and exclusive to norman records.(23.02.07).
1. hood – the negatives
2. halfset – riversong
3. elsworth cambs – my eyes are woolin
4. martin finke – rain hits hard
5. herv – konnektquartet

northstation: wagtail OUT OF PRINT

ten track cd, on slow loris (released 20.08.06)
1. to carve in stone.
2. bear cub.
3. fireball.
4. wagtail.
5. footprints.
6. inside-out.
7. this town is drunk again.
8. unending.
9. work.
10. the long walk home.
view all artwork here.

wrecking ball: the hidden OUT OF PRINT.
one track three inch cd, on slow loris.
1. the hidden. (20:51)

northstation: bear cub
red bridge compilation, on risc records.

moose eats leaf: toy box. OUT OF PRINT.
three inch cd, on slow loris.
1. "happy morning!".
2. they fall, we float.
3. christmas leaf.
4. echo...
5. where to next?

northstation: tapestock OUT OF PRINT
this is our playgroup compilation, on slow loris

moose eats leaf: sketch book scribble. OUT OF PRINT
this is our playgroup compilation, on slow loris

moose eats leaf: s/t OUT OF PRINT.
six track of processed guitar loops and scribbles. three inch cdr, on slow loris.
1. sketch book scribble.
2. what is you?
3. for those that have left us.
4. talking with friends.
5. neither map, nor plan.
6. and out…

northstation: not on my watch OUT OF PRINT
ballroom of romance 30 - free cdr given away at 2nd birthday gig.

northstation: bears.
ten track album, released 02.07.04 on risc records.
1. four:threefour.
2. sweetheart.
3. not on my watch.
4. days and days.
5. your words fill my heart.
6. cobra.
7. slow loris.
8. love not loss.
9. break.back.broke.
10. nothing made me do this.

wrecking ball: eek, ah, euh + oh, oh OUT OF PRINT
half empty compilation free with robots and electric brains #13 and empty #8 split zine.

wrecking ball: grunt work. OUT OF PRINT.
debut wrecking ball album, out on desertedvillage.
1. duh, duh.
2. bah, huh.
3. boh.
4. ah, ah, ah.
5. ding, ding.
6. ding, ah.
7. oh, ah.
8. oh, oh.
9. piz, ah.
10. chu, duh, ah.
11. la, da, ah.
12. ahhh, da.
13. dut.
14. dut, duot.
15. oh, oh, oh.
16. hahhhhh.
17. pah, dah.
18. ah, eh, oh.
19. booom, ah.
20. tuh, toh.
21. tuh, tsh.
22. shh, shuhh.
24. di, di, di, doh.
25. shu, ah, uh.
26. oh, ah, oh, ahh.
27. euh, euh.
28. ek, ah, euh.
29. tuh, tuh, tah, ha.
30. uh, uh, uh.
31. ah, oh, ah, ha.
32. tsk, ook, ah.
33. hah, sheh, ha.
34. ha, ugh.
35. eh, ah, og, ha, oh.

northstation: your words fill my heart OUT OF PRINT
ballroom of romance 26 - free cdr given away at gig

old man polka: i go to work to come home to you. Buy online from road.
a seven track album, on deadslackstring records
1. all this time.
2. space in breath.
3. look how we have grown.
4. timelessness.
5. heading west to get east.
6. winter warm.
7. flame.

homage issue 05: please don't ask us what we think of your band OUT OF PRINT
old man polka - look how we have grown.

the rockets are heavy OUT OF PRINT
compilation album, on catchy go-go
steve fanagan 'prayer to god' (cover of song by shellac).

northstation: plink.plonk. OUT OF PRINT
full-length debut album of mostly instrumental music, out on mangomusic.
originally compiled for the exhibition 'dIN' at Arthouse, Dublin.
1. heading west to get east.
2. as you keep me warm through winter.
3. buffalo noises.
4. there are words.
5. hand outline.
6. the rain can't wash it away.
7. towning.
8. jawbone.
9. ask for more.
10. that I might forget.
11. drowning in it.
12. by candlelight.
13. from here to there.
14. plink.

stevefanagan: there is hope
an eight track album, recorded by steve albini

1. reaching for you.
2. the things I draw.
3. done & dusted.
4. one thousand.
5. farewell
6. for your words.
7. there is hope.
8. by my breath.

chinese firedrill, issue 2 OUT OF PRINT
compilation released april 2001

stevefanagan: by candlelight
stevefanagan & paul o'reilly: wait until spring.

stevefanagan: by way of... OUT OF PRINT
a seven track album of home recordings, released september 2000.

1. instrum.
2. september will come.
3. by way of
4. if only, if not.
5. a search for.
6. this is not rock.
7. long day ending.

for your machine OUT OF PRINT
CD compilation released 30.06.00, on mango music

northstation: buffalo noises.
stevefanagan: this is not rock. (4-track version).